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Dhaliliyah Engineering Consultants is one of the prominent firms specialized in architectural engineering, and interior design. It has been founded in 1999 as (Alfa 5), then to Dhaliliyah Establishment in 2008. It has played an influential role through the provision of highly creative works that concerns the smallest details in design and implantation and combine the traditional aesthetic thought with the modern one to impart an outstanding aesthetic value on the project. In addition, it keeps up with all the changes occurring according to a skilled practical and professional technique that accommodates all requirements providing attractive options in design and high-end architects. Dhaliliyah’s head office is located in Riyadh. Its first branch is located in Dubai.

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We approach each project and client by adopting an indivisual method through meticulous attention to details, then we tailor the method to each indivisual style and lifestyle requirements, creating style and elegance which represent the ultimate porpose that our company is always able to reach and express through a design in which refinment and class always stand out.

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Each of our team members represents the best talent within their field and experience. They work on unique designs, they also value the variety of ideas and perspectives. They are consisting of 9 Architects, 3 Mechanical Engineers, 4 Electrical Engineers, 3 Interior Designers, 2 Civil Instructors and 3 Project Managers.

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